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Where is the next wave of new e-commerce opportunities?

After you created a brand, are you started to think how to start building your own physical and e-commerce platform? If the market responds well, would you like to introduce your brand to the world? Or your local market is just too competitive and you want to sell them to overseas and growth even more revenue.

Where do you start from across the border?

For the seller, there are many aspects need to be worried about cross-border e-Commerce. Apart from the languages problems and choosing the right platform, one of the biggest problem will be the logistics and payment getaway. Below are some questions that you need to answer yourself to get more clearer idea.

How to choose an e-Commerce platform

How to collect payment

How to deal with tax and customs affairs

How to deliver the goods

How to do local marketing and advertising

How to deal with customer service

Six major advantages of localization

Website localization

  • Provide one-page, customized website
  • 30-second one-page quick checkout
  • Original iCross cross-border system
  • Support local language, currency
  • CMS supported for multiple languages

Payment localization

  • Do not need to set up a local company
  • Cash on delivery available
  • Transparent collection of payment
  • Significantly reduce the risk of losing orders

Courier Services localization

  • No Limitation of individual consignments on Consolidating Shipment
  • International and local courier services segmented quotation
  • Minimum 3 days delivery period
  • Door to door service available
  • Overseas reverse logistics service provided

Tax localization

  • Delivery service includes tax
  • No excessive tariffs
  • Faster customs clearance
  • Specialised in import and export declaration, tax refund

Marketing localization

  • Local marketing services is provided
  • Visual presentation and copywriting will be localised accordingly
  • Incorporate with local “gag” on copywriting
  • Localization of product details translation is provided

Customer service localization

  • Training for local customer service is provided
  • Customer relationship management
  • Instant message reply
  • Pre-sale, sale, after-sales service are provided

"One-stop" cross-border service platform Designed for small and medium-sized eCommerce

The ASEAN market is definitely a new opportunity for e-commerce, but how to cross the border successfully? Cross-border e-commerce involves language barriers, financial affairs, logistics and tax issues, which are very complicated. Therefore, due to the advancement of ASEAN, in order to seize business opportunities, “localization” is utmost important. Due the rapid growth of digital economy and Internet users, we should pay more attention to various aspects such as online travel, online media, e-commerce, and car software.

Yes! The most practical way is to set up an official website and use the most local customary payment method, which is “cash on delivery”. After the customer made purchases, they will be shipped directly to the consumer by air. However, there is a big problem with this. Delivery through air is a huge cost. So, cross-border integration is the easiest way to sell the goods! We can help you simplify the cross-border operation into a one-stop solution. You can have better grasp on your brand image and have a lower product price, which not only saves you the troublesome process such as expenses of agents, distributors, Lazada large platforms.

Decryption of Southeast Asia cross-border e-commerce
- Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand -

Why choose these countries?

Southeast Asia’s population structure is dominated by young and middle-aged people, with up to 130% mobile device penetration, and customers in Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam tend to choose  searching for information to purchase product.

According to iPrice’s survey, each country’s consumer purchase behaviour is perceived in different ways. In Malaysia, buyer has a tendency to find more information about promotions and offers, while in Vietnam, they look for prices and information about the supply of goods. At the same time, Thai consumers are called collectivists because they tend to listen to friends and family when they are looking for information. However as technology advanced, information is easy to access, consumer behavior in Thai has also changed. However,  some of them will still shop in physical stores such as department stores.

Why seize the opportunity right now?

For Southeast Asian consumers who are looking for products outside the region, global shopping is the first choice. Vietnamese consumers buy global goods because they believe that imported goods are better than their local products. Thai consumers also like to buy global goods because the choice is more diverse. They believe that online purchases of imported goods are better than Domestic department stores  because they are cheaper to buy.

One of the problems faced by consumers is language barriers. This problem is particularly evident in Thailand and Vietnam, because they are not used to browsing English websites, except Malaysians due to their usage of English in their daily lives, they do not encounter such problems when purchasing imported goods online. In addition to supporting the multilingual interface in the background, the iCross cross-border system directly displays and charges the local currency at your website, which can increase the desire of overseas customers to purchase. 

Get all the difficulties for your brand to go out to sea

One-stop cross-border solution

To solve the dilemma of cross-border , including language translation, payment, logistics and other services that help you quickly expand your overseas business!

International support team

The members of our multinational team are located in Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand and other places. They have the background of operating, customer service, logistics, etc., as well as the language skills of each country and the practical experience of each market to help you cross the border.

Professional advisory support

A team of powerful consultants from different fields will provide resources such as market status, marketing consulting, language translation, warehousing logistics, and taxation to make localization faster and more efficient.

Integrated resources

Cooperate with ASEAN countries to integrate the most competitive payment method and logistics methods, and assist local partners to promote their business by price schemes and other local marketing strategy.  

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